“We worked with Dr. Surkin years ago when we were having challenges in school we did not understand. Her reports are still valid today-20 years later. So, when faced with challenging issues again with two of our grandchildren there was only one thing to do!  We drove from Kansas to see Dr. Surkin. I knew she would have an answer for us and that she would give us an academic and psychological road map for the future of the children!”

Marcia Mies,  Witchita, Kansas


 “We brought our daughter to Erika Surkin two years ago, when she was eight years old.  Our daughter’s anxiety related behaviors had crossed the line, having negative implications in her learning and social interactions at school, at home, and her overall quality of life.

Erika’s ability to accurately diagnose our daughter allowed her elementary school to formulate and execute an effective and successful 504 Plan for her. This has given the teachers the tools they need to work with her, and our daughter the chance to be successful academically and socially.

Outside of school, our daughter met weekly with Erika for play therapy.  These sessions allowed her to safely explore her feelings, while Erika expertly taught our daughter techniques and coping mechanisms to more effectively deal with her feelings and the negative behaviors propelled by these feelings.  My husband and I observed our daughter practicing these coping mechanisms in her daily life, at home, at school, and in other social settings.  Through play therapy, our daughter has become empowered to explore, understand, and manage her thoughts and behaviors.

Two years ago, our daughter was shut down, refusing to participate in her own life.  Today, she is flourishing.  The things that were impossible for her two years ago are now manageable.  We owe this to the work Erika has done with her.

Erika has not only helped our daughter, but she has helped my husband and I, and our family as a whole.  Erika’s understanding of our daughter’s condition allowed us to be more understanding of her needs and what parenting practices would help her best.  Working with Erika has helped us better parent our daughter.

Working with Erika over the past two years has made all the difference for our family.  I cannot imagine what life would have been like for us without her help.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and blessed to have her expertise working with us. ”

Parent of Current Client