• Collaborative therapy with you and your child

    Erika L. Surkin, M.ED, RPT

    Clients from 2-16 years old

    As a Licensed Pennsylvania Psychologist with a specialty in school psychology, I work with children and adolescents to address social and behavioral issues affecting home, school, and social difficulties. My work is eclectic; my therapeutic interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, behavior management, family relationships, and parenting issues related to the child's needs.

  • Working with Children is a Collaborative Process

    Parental Roles

    Parents are an integral part of the therapy process. Every fifth session is a parent conference to discuss progress and issues current to the therapy process. The child's life in the home, school, and social settings is discussed from an adult point of view.

    Children Communicate Differently

    Children's brains develop throughout childhood and adolescence. They often lack the ability to link words with the emotions inside them, thus, the frequent shrug and "I don't know" when asked about their behavior and social experiences.


    Play Therapy is effective with children because the experiential approach allows them to choose how and what they communicate. As a Play Therapist, I am trained to interpret what they are communicating. Their unique perspective of their issues helps to determine the most effective therapeutic approach.