• Erika Surkin, M.Ed, RPT

    I am a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania who specializes in Play Therapy

    I specialize in School Psychology, with certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, I am a Registered Play Therapist (RPT), credentialed by The Association for Play Therapy, and a past President of the Pennsylvania branch of the Association for Play Therapy.


    I am an eclectic therapist who has many tools in my tool bag. I find Cognitive Behavioral therapy to be quite effective in helping clients to build a social problem-solving repertoire. Experiential therapy provides clients with many avenues to explore their emotional lives. Toys and games are the natural language of children. Words are not always adequate to explore and express the complex parts of my clients’ lives. Role play and dramatic expression are also powerful tools. Clients are exposed to an array of art materials for creative expression. Sand tray techniques provide a satisfying outlet for children and adolescents to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Combining this tool with technology allows clients to create books; the content of the books is a metaphoric expression of their personal experiences.


    Regular consultation with parents and teachers (with parent permission) completes therapeutic services, providing me with an expanded view of my clients' lives. Parents participate actively, provided with full knowledge of their children’s functioning. Information is shared with other professionals with parental written release. Parenting skills and behavioral consultation occurs regularly in the therapeutic process; every fifth session is devoted to parents.